Free Website And Banner Advertising

Welcome to our manual traffic exchange designed to increase traffic to your blog or websites.  We provide absolutely free banner and website advertising.  All members are equal here.  We will never ask for any payments for anything.  Check out the following chart to see what we offer.

free website and banner advertising for all members



A website must be added before surfing is allowed.
Adding a site after logging in –
Choose Add Site from the menu at the top of the site under Advertising. Note: There is also a menu at the bottom of the site.
Wait while the site is checked.  Your site should appear in the lower frame during the countdown.  Check your website address if nothing appears. A blank page could also be caused by a pop/up blocker depending on your page contents.  Please delete the site if it was incorrectly entered..
Adding a rectangular banner or square banner –


Add any banner name for your reference then add the website the link should connect to in the FORWARDING URL field.
Then, add the address of the actual graphic of the banner you wish to add in the Graphic Url field.
Choose the banner you want under advertising from the menu. The square banner size should be 125 by 125 pixels while the rectangular banner size should be 468 by 60 pixels.
Type or paste in your website NAME and website ADDRESS including “http://” .  Example entry:
Type or paste in your website NAME the click save.
Your banner will be visible if the data was entered correctly assuming you aren\t using an ad blocker to block your banner.  Admin staff will normally approve the banner within a day


Click Surfing:

– Choose Click Surf from the menu under Surf Now to begin click surfing.
It is clear that the first image is identical to the third image in the example above. The correct image to click in this case is the matching bus 2nd from the far right.

Hover Surfing:

hover over imagealien surf image

Choose Hover Surf from the menu under Surf Now to begin hover surfing.
Four security images appear at the top of the screen.  Click the image to the right of the arrow that is identical to the 1st image on the left after the timer has counted down to advance to the next page.
All members collect about 1 credit for each site viewed.  The actual amount increases dynamically in proportion to sites viewed.

Affiliate Toolbox

– Choose Affiliate Toolbox under Promote in the menu to select the affiliate sites and banners that you would like to promote on other traffic exchanges to enhance your credit earnings.

Free Website And Banner Advertising
Exchange Policy

Thanks for your membership.

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